Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Found You

I have come this far to tell you out loud
My love for you is true and proud
I do not wish to take you away
But to hold your hand for you to stay

Stay with me despite distant shores
For love awaits our weary doors
I do not know you, have we met?
Why this feeling so pure and set?

Months have gone, days have passed
Yet your presence has grown to forever last
I long to see and hug you in the end
To welcome you home where true love will send

I wish you well from my heart that's true
For in my dreams I'm always with you
Time will pass as it always do
But time has stopped the day I found you


Ycej eiram said...

Love it!
Pwede bang mahiram ito?
Credits to you OfCourse! :)

ORACLE said...


Anything for Love... It's free....
Salamat sa pagdaan... =)